What we do

The Next Step

We are proud of our history and what we have achieved so far. In light of the current challenges for alleviating poverty, we are renewing our focus and taking a new strategic direction.

The Current Challenges

  • Almost 750 million of the world populations are living in extreme poverty today. Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need  education the most – children living in poverty are the least likely to attend school.
  • Large numbers are marginalised and excluded from development on the basis of religion, ethnicity, physical ability, gender and age. Women and children in particular are disproportionately affected.
  • There is no simple solution because poverty is multi-dimensional.
  • We must tackle poverty on local, national and international levels.
  • The situation is exacerbated by the ever-frequent natural and man-made disasters including earthquakes, droughts and wars. In all these situations, the poor are the most vulnerable.

Our Services 

We aim to provide the following services:

Emergency relief:    Food, healthcare, shelter, other emergency supplies

Education:    Infrastructural development i.e. school, training teachers and providing equipment.

Healthcare:   Infrastructural development i.e. hospitals, clinics, training medical staff, providing equipment, water & sanitation.

Housing & Shelter:    Permanent infrastructural development, emergency shelter and construction.

Programmes:    Orphans and widows Care and widow’s welfare programs, such as rehabilitation with vocational training.

Seasonal Programmes:   Ramadan and Qurbani

Our Strategic Goals & Objectives

Our Goals

Our strategic goal is to have made a significant contribution to eliminate the poverty, to provide most basic and immediate needs like clean water, healthcare and education for the poor and for those affected by war and natural disasters.

Our Objectives

To achieve this goal and explore our vision, we have the following objectives:

  • We aim to review our organisational structure and job descriptions to ensure fully functioning departments.
  • Regularly reviews our governing document to ensure that it is up to date and that the trustees have the powers that they need in order to achieve the charity’s purposes and to manage its resources effectively.
  • Recognises, promotes and values equality and diversity in beneficiaries, staff and volunteers, and in all aspects of our activity.
  • Ensure that all information such as accounts and annual reviews is available to all stakeholders including donors, partners and beneficiaries.
  • Regularly reviews our structures, policies and procedures to ensure that they continue to support, and are adequate for, the delivery of the charity’s purposes and mission; this includes policies and procedures dealing with board strategies, functions and responsibilities; good employment practices and the encouragement and use of volunteers.
  • Carry out a full review of our achievements in the key programme areas identified above (Emergency Relief, Education, Healthcare, Housing & Shelter, Orphanages and Seasonal Programmes) through impact assessment and case studies.
  • To secure increased resources, our aim is to establish a structured approach to fundraising through developing strategies for engaging different funding sectors.
  • Review the current communication and marketing strategies and developing a strategic plan for effective communication to ensure targeting of all sectors.

We build a better future for UK’s youth

while building schools in some of the

world’s poorest countries.